3rd Quarter Play-by-Play

  Baldwin Wallace vs. Ohio Northern
  Date: Nov 11, 2017 • Site: Ada, Ohio

3rd Quarter Play-by-Play
Bw 3-5on Bw30Start of 3rd quarter, clock 15:00, ONU ball on ONU35.
Onu 3-5on Onu35Timeout Ohio Northern, clock 15:00.
 Drive: 2 plays, 5 yards, TOP 0:19
Tom Fleser kickoff 63 yards to the BW2, T. Washington return 19 yards to the BW21 (David Haseleu).
Bw 1-10on Bw21BALDWIN WALLACE drive start at 14:52.
Bw 1-10on Bw21J. Leverette rush for 9 yards to the BW30, PENALTY BW holding (Chad Steinwachs) 10 yards to the BW20.
Bw 1-11on Bw201st and 11.
Bw 1-11on Bw20Austin Smith rush for 2 yards to the BW22 (Ben McGinnis).
Bw 2-9on Bw22Jake Hudson pass complete to Ty Ramsier for 8 yards to the BW30.
Bw 3-1on Bw30Matt Lowry rush for loss of 1 yard to the BW29 (Kyle Rowe;Mark Niles).
Bw 4-2on Bw29D. Lombardi punt 32 yards to the ONU39, fair catch by Caleb Saalfeld.
 Drive: 4 plays, 8 yards, TOP 2:12
Onu 1-10on Onu39OHIO NORTHERN drive start at 12:40.
Onu 1-10on Onu39AnthonyMcFadden pass incomplete to Caleb Saalfeld.
Onu 2-10on Onu39AnthonyMcFadden rush for 5 yards to the ONU44 (Brenton Miller;Kyle Kelly).
Onu 3-5on Onu44AnthonyMcFadden rush for 7 yards to the BW49, 1ST DOWN ONU (Zach Poudrier).
Onu 1-10on Bw49PENALTY ONU false start (Jameson Curry) 5 yards to the ONU46.
Onu 1-15on Onu46Chrstn Williams rush for 5 yards to the BW49 (Wezlee Spence).
Onu 2-10on Bw49AnthonyMcFadden rush for no gain to the BW49 (Brenton Miller;Kyle Kelly).
Onu 3-10on Bw49AnthonyMcFadden pass incomplete to MalachiNolletti (Caray Sparrow).
Onu 4-10on Bw49Sean Devany punt 40 yards to the BW9, Deion Greer return -3 yards to the BW6 (Scoop Johnson;David Haseleu).
 Drive: 6 plays, 12 yards, TOP 2:57
Bw 1-10on Bw06BALDWIN WALLACE drive start at 09:43.
Bw 1-10on Bw06Jake Hudson rush for 40 yards to the BW46, 1ST DOWN BW, out-of-bounds (Cyler Caldwell).
Bw 1-10on Bw46Jake Hudson pass complete to Austin Smith for 33 yards to the ONU21, 1ST DOWN BW (Zach Schmerge).
Bw 1-10on Onu21Austin Smith rush for 2 yards to the ONU19 (Ben McGinnis;Justin Croswell).
Bw 2-8on Onu19Jake Hudson pass complete to Chad Steinwachs for 2 yards to the ONU17 (Chrstn Randolph).
Bw 3-6on Onu17Timeout Ohio Northern, clock 07:22.
Bw 3-6on Onu17Jake Hudson rush for loss of 1 yard to the ONU18 (Jason Hundley), PENALTY BW holding (A. Sierawski) 10 yards to the ONU27, NO PLAY.
Bw 3-16on Onu27Jake Hudson pass intercepted by Greg Dennis at the ONU0, Greg Dennis return 23 yards to the ONU23 (Austin Smith).
 Drive: 5 plays, 67 yards, TOP 2:55
Onu 1-10on Onu23OHIO NORTHERN drive start at 06:48.
Onu 1-10on Onu23Chrstn Williams rush for 4 yards to the ONU27 (Parker Hoffler;Sean Nischwitz).
Onu 2-6on Onu27AnthonyMcFadden pass complete to Chad Rex for 3 yards to the ONU30 (Kyle Kelly;Brenton Miller).
Onu 3-3on Onu30PENALTY ONU delay of game (AnthonyMcFadden) 5 yards to the ONU25.
Onu 3-8on Onu25AnthonyMcFadden pass complete to Chrstn Williams for 6 yards to the ONU31, out-of-bounds (Ty Fields;Sekou Imani).
Onu 4-2on Onu31Sean Devany punt 32 yards to the BW37, downed.
 Drive: 3 plays, 8 yards, TOP 2:15
Bw 1-10on Bw37BALDWIN WALLACE drive start at 04:33.
Bw 1-10on Bw37Jake Hudson rush for loss of 3 yards to the BW34 (Justin Croswell).
Bw 2-13on Bw34Austin Smith rush for no gain to the BW34.
Bw 3-13on Bw34Jake Hudson sacked for loss of 2 yards to the BW32 (Zach Schmerge;Kyle Rowe).
Bw 4-15on Bw32D. Lombardi rush for 2 yards to the BW34 (Connor Powell;VictorVan Almen).
 Drive: 4 plays, minus 3 yards, TOP 2:11
Onu 1-10on Bw34OHIO NORTHERN drive start at 02:22.
Onu 1-10on Bw34Chad Rex rush for 5 yards to the BW29 (Mike Rush).
Onu 2-5on Bw29AnthonyMcFadden pass complete to Chad Rex for 20 yards to the BW9, 1ST DOWN ONU (Zach Poudrier;Kyle Kelly).
Onu 1-Gon Bw09Chrstn Williams rush for 2 yards to the BW7 (Wezlee Spence;Sean Nischwitz).
Onu 2-Gon Bw07AnthonyMcFadden rush for 7 yards to the BW0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 00:37.
Chase Watson kick attempt good.
Ohio Northern 21, Baldwin Wallace 10
 Drive: 4 plays, 34 yards, TOP 1:53
Tom Fleser kickoff 55 yards to the BW10, J. Leverette return 34 yards to the BW44 (Tom Fleser).
Bw 1-10on Bw44BALDWIN WALLACE drive start at 00:29.
Bw 1-10on Bw44J. Leverette rush for 14 yards to the ONU42, 1ST DOWN BW (Andrew Valenti).
Bw 1-10on Onu42Jake Hudson pass complete to J. Leverette for 16 yards to the ONU26, 1ST DOWN BW, out-of-bounds (Tyler Soltis).
 Drive: 2 plays, 30 yards, TOP 0:57
Ohio Northern 21, Baldwin Wallace 10