1st Period Play-by-Play

  Alma vs. Ohio Northern
  Date: Sep 15, 2018 • Site: Ada, Ohio

1st Period Play-by-Play
[00:00]  Al Wentworth at goalie for Alma.
[00:00]  Meagan Grierson at goalie for Ohio Northern.
[03:49]  Shot by ONUW Sarah Puntel WIDE RIGHT.
[05:57]  Shot by ONUW Siena Ward BLOCKED.
[07:56]  Shot by ONUW Siena Ward, SAVE Al Wentworth.
 Corner kick by ONUW Haley Moses [15:51].
[15:55]  Header Shot by ONUW Tara Morris BLOCKED.
 Foul on Ohio Northern.
[17:41]  ALMA substitution: Isabella Wingate for Peyton Erndteman.
 Foul on Alma.
 Corner kick by ONUW Haley Moses [19:22].
[19:25]  Shot by ONUW Jenna Fuller BLOCKED.
[19:31]  Shot by ONUW Sydney Leshnak WIDE RIGHT.
[19:48]  ONUW substitution: McKenna Welsh for Megan Breier.
[19:48]  ONUW substitution: Courtney Favazzo for Siena Ward.
[20:52]  ALMA substitution: Hannah Marietta for Taylor LeMasters.
[22:16]  GOAL by ONUW Jenna Fuller (FIRST GOAL), Assist by McKenna Welsh, goal number 3 for season.
Ohio Northern 1, Alma 0
 *12 yards out from left side of goal into right netting
[25:56]  ONUW substitution: Emma Barney for Rose Nienaber.
[25:56]  ONUW substitution: Audrey Spirk for Jenna Fuller.
[27:42]  Shot by ONUW Courtney Favazzo WIDE LEFT.
[29:08]  ALMA substitution: Kristina Berzkalns for Lauren Sollestre.
 Foul on Ohio Northern.
[32:03]  Offside against Alma.
 Foul on Alma.
[33:09]  Shot by ONUW Sydney Leshnak, SAVE Al Wentworth.
 Corner kick by ONUW Haley Moses [34:26].
 Corner kick by ONUW Haley Moses [34:51].
[34:55]  GOAL by ONUW Tara Morris, Assist by Haley Moses, goal number 1 for season.
Ohio Northern 2, Alma 0
 *Scored directly off corner kick cross
 Foul on Ohio Northern.
[36:23]  GOAL by ONUW McKenna Welsh, Assist by Hannah Martin and Emma Barney, goal number 2 for season.
Ohio Northern 3, Alma 0
 20 yards out, chipped over the goalkeeper
[36:33]  ONUW substitution: Mikhayla Carter for Abigail Mathews.
[36:33]  ONUW substitution: Caroline Goeller for Courtney Favazzo.
[39:16]  Shot by ONUW Audrey Spirk, SAVE Al Wentworth.
[39:51]  Shot by ALMA Lexi Moyer, SAVE Meagan Grierson.
[40:33]  ONUW substitution: Cat Schaefer for Haley Moses.
[40:33]  ONUW substitution: Maggie Ohmer for Sarah Puntel.
[42:57]  Shot by ONUW Caroline Goeller WIDE RIGHT.
 Foul on Alma.
 Foul on Alma.
 End of period [45:00].