1st Period Play-by-Play

  Capital vs. Ohio Northern
  Date: Oct 20, 2018 • Site: Ada, Ohio

1st Period Play-by-Play
[00:00]  Logan Wiedman at goalie for Capital.
[00:00]  William Velotta at goalie for Ohio Northern.
 Foul on Capital.
[05:33]  GOAL by CAPM Chewy Gordon (FIRST GOAL).
Capital 1, Ohio Northern 0
 *Deflected kick fell to his feet, beat goalkeeper right side
 Foul on Capital.
 Corner kick by ONUM Anthony DeNoi [07:28].
 Foul on Ohio Northern.
[10:48]  Header Shot by CAPM Matt Scheper BLOCKED.
[12:02]  Shot by ONUM Anthony DeNoi WIDE RIGHT.
[13:13]  Header Shot by CAPM Shane Niemeier, SAVE William Velotta.
[16:04]  Shot by CAPM Chewy Gordon BLOCKED.
[16:02]  GOAL by CAPM Chewy Gordon.
Capital 2, Ohio Northern 0
 *Rebounded shot attempt, tapped in
[17:39]  Shot by ONUM Jimmy Walkinshaw HIGH.
[18:17]  Shot by ONUM Levi King, SAVE Logan Wiedman.
[20:04]  ONUM substitution: Zach Yoder for Matt Studenic.
[20:04]  ONUM substitution: Mitchell Colvin for Dakota Swisher.
[20:04]  ONUM substitution: Danny Sasak for Anthony DeNoi.
 Foul on Capital.
 Corner kick by CAPM Greg Knox [24:59].
[25:43]  CAPM substitution: Tristan Bentley for Jamie Robson.
[25:43]  ONUM substitution: Logan Whinery for Danny Sasak.
 Foul on Ohio Northern.
[28:06]  CAPM substitution: Jacob Taylor for Nick Scharfenberger.
 Foul on Capital.
[29:23]  Shot by CAPM Chewy Gordon BLOCKED.
[30:17]  Shot by CAPM Luke Morais, SAVE William Velotta.
[30:20]  GOAL by CAPM Matt Scheper, Assist by Luke Morais.
Capital 3, Ohio Northern 0
 *Rebounded ball
[30:20]  John Lombardo at goalie for Ohio Northern.
[31:26]  CAPM substitution: Tyler Wujczyk for Matt Scheper.
[31:26]  ONUM substitution: Bryan Kern for Joseph Schulte.
 Foul on Ohio Northern.
[33:28]  GOAL by CAPM Chewy Gordon, Assist by Daniel Bundschuh and Tristan Bentley.
Capital 4, Ohio Northern 0
 *Chipped over goalkeeper's head
[33:28]  CAPM substitution: Sam Spirk for Chewy Gordon.
[34:29]  ONUM substitution: Josh Grant for Mitchell Colvin.
[34:29]  CAPM substitution: Andrew McEwen for Luke Morais.
[35:45]  ONUM substitution: Timothy Hoffman for Jimmy Walkinshaw.
 Foul on Ohio Northern.
 Foul on Ohio Northern.
[38:39]  Shot by ONUM Bryan Kern, SAVE Logan Wiedman.
[40:52]  CAPM substitution: Aidan Minton for Tristan Bentley.
 Corner kick by CAPM Greg Knox [42:02].
[42:10]  Shot by CAPM Andrew McEwen BLOCKED.
[42:37]  Shot by CAPM Brandon Woo, SAVE John Lombardo.
[44:36]  Shot by ONUM Zach Yoder, SAVE Logan Wiedman.
 End of period [45:00].